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Well, I fell in to a black hole there for a bit.  Lots going on, but not much mention of them on the blog.  I’ll start trying to catch up.

First thing first

Ta Da!!!

Jason Gordon Holley "shelter" 2012, Stoneware, cone 6, raku glaze, newsprint reduction, acrylic

Jason Gordon Holley
27” tall x 17″ wide (puddle of failure is variable)
Stoneware, cone 6, raku glaze, newsprint reduction, acrylic
Photo – Mark Bennett

This is my official entry to the emerging artist contest at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto.

I found something to do with all the failure that’s been piling up over the last couple of years.  Painting each ring by hand gave me plenty of time to think about all those fond memories…  I am very pleased with the ‘puddle of failure’.  This is the first time I’ve ever used colour, and there was no real time for a back up plan.  So I was a little edgy!

Hope you like it! (and vote for me!)

ps, no useful rings were intentionally harmed in the making of ‘puddle of failure’

pps, there is lots and lots of ‘failure’  still taking up space in the studio.  After all that painting… I think I’ll make some reclaim.