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Profit Sharing

I may not have made any money in Toronto this weekend, but I certainly came home with some awesome things. Some were trades, some were purchases (gotta love the barter system!)

I thought I’d share these profits with you all.  Pardon the quick phone photography, my chopping block has never seen such publicity!


Mixed Media, paper, by Christine Kim.


I’m collecting unique drinking vessels, they are mostly ceramic, but I’m always looking for interesting glass. There was a lot in the show.
I can only tell you about two of them for sure –
Front left – Brad Copping – http://www.glassartcanada.ca/artist.php?id=32#portfolio
He blew this incredibly thin glass into a mold made using the broken edges of drywall. Great texture and shape.
Rear Left – Benjamin Kikkert – http://benjaminkikkert.com/
I have been lusting after one of his barnacle glasses in Jessica Butler’s kitchen for years. Thankfully Roz picked us up one.

Christopher Reid Flock - www.studioreid.com

Vessel by Christopher Reid Flock – http://www.studioreid.com

Silvia Taylor  http://www.glassartcanada.ca/artist.php?id=356   http://canadianartjunkie.com/2012/04/20/taylor-silvia-portfolio/

Gorgeous solid glass finials by Silvia Taylor.
This is another of Rosalind choices, and I can’t wait to see where they get to live.


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