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Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition banner

It’s Official!

I will be in Toronto July 6, 7, and 8, showing and selling my claymaille at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.

I expected to hear if I was accepted to the show back in May.  When I didn’t hear anything I assumed that I wasn’t accepted.  Turns out that was a mistake.  I received an email last week that was clearly intended for booth holders at the event.  Apparently I’ve been accepted all along and just didn’t know it!

After a mad scramble, I have booked flights, hotel, booth furniture and taken stock of the art I have on hand.  I will have a busy week making a few more pieces, but It’s safe to say I’m ready for the show.  Thankfully, a life of procrastination has given me incredible skills for last minute panic.

If you’re in Toronto, drop by for a visit,

I’m in the White section, booth #139

See you there!



Back in the studio


These might just end up in the Gardiner Museum this September. Wish them luck!

After all the excitement from The Artist Project Toronto, I really needed a break.  I went to nceca in Seattle, spent some time in Vancouver and Victoria catching up with friends, and generally unwound.  Then there were a few projects that needed to be finished up (more on that later), and a potato garden that needed digging… Finally I started spending some quality time in my studio.

I’m well under way creating new work for the emerging artist show at the Gardiner.  I’m enjoying the process, and tweaking my concept.  I need a finished piece, complete with photography, and an artist statement, by July 13th.  I’ll keep you posted!