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Scotia Bank Peoples Choice at The Artist Project Toronto!

Wow, a little stunned at the news from The Artist Project Toronto today.

There were a few ballot boxes scattered around the show.  People were invited to vote on their favorite artist from the show.  They finished adding up the votes the other day, and today it was announced that I was the 1st place winner!

I really didn’t think about winning, there was so much great art there.  Over 200 Artists.  So, Thank you to everyone who voted for me!  I’m flattered.

It’s great to see that the talented Erin Rothstein took 2nd place.  We were neighbors at the show, and shared hugs and high fives at some exciting sales.

I had a great time at the show, can’t wait for next year!

ps.  thank you! thank you! thank you!


Huge News!

So, somewhere in all this madness getting ready for The Artist Project Toronto I got an email. It was an exciting email, like really really exciting.

I was informed that Dr Sandra Alfoldy, a craft historian from NSCAD University in Halifax, has nominated me for an award at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto. The RBC People’s Choice Emerging Artist Award.

After a short period of disbelief, there was a less brief period of child like squealing, then I read the rest of the email. So, the Gardiner wants me to send in some work, they will display that work for the month of September (eeeeeeee! I’ll have work in the Gardiner!!! ahem) While the work is on display, visitors to the gallery can vote on their favorite work (there are 5 nominees). The winner of the popular vote gets the top, and only prize. $10,000 to do with as I please… er… that the winner can use for what ever they want.

So I have until Mid July to create the best sculpture I have ever made… Thankfully that kind of pressure is my favorite motivator.

You will be hearing more about this, promise.

ps, vote early vote often! September at the Gardiner

pps, something tells me prices are going up a bit in October! (fingers crossed)

Full Booth!

So, after a fun filled morning talking to UPS dispatch, I managed to get my work delivered at 1pm. The only thing destroyed was my pretty white boxes. Thankfully we had hammer, nails and paint so that was an easy, if time consuming process. AND… TADA!


OK, so it’s a crappy picture of my booth, the picture isn’t the point. Look at all that art, here, in Toronto. It was even all set up before the show opened!

Now all I have to do is sell some of it. I just realized, fully, last night, that I’ve never done this before. I’ve only sold through galleries, I’ve never actually stood up and sold my own sculpture before. I’ve been learning a lot.

Fingers crossed for the next three days.
Wish me luck!

ps, while writing this post, I stopped to make my first sale! yay.

Empty booth

So, Here I am in Toronto. Unfortunately, the UPS guy in St John’s messed up, so all my work will be arriving tomorrow… in theory. Cross your fingers for me people. My booth will be pretty empty if all I have is what came in my carry-on.