obsessed with weakness


Every winter I get to travel to Halifax for a week to attend the Atlantic Craft Trade Show (ACTS).  Basically the show is a place where people who make craft and people who sell craft in their shops can meet.  It’s like a craft fair, but I take orders for the summer instead of selling jewellery on the spot.  I’ve had lukewarm success at this show.  It seems that the people who do well, are more business oriented than I am.

Just as I wast starting to think I should stop attending, and give up my February travels, things took a turn.  Gallery@acts was born, I was accepted and before I knew it I was sending work off to Lafreniere and Pai Gallery in Ottawa (look it’s me!)

So, in three weeks I’ll be in Halifax again.  My work is once again part of gallery@acts, and I will be taking orders out of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador booth.  They even chose my jewellery to feature in the show promotion!

  • So all I have to do is finalize my products and prices for 2012
  • make at least one sample of each
  • choose three sculptures to be in the gallery (title some of them)
  • research the galleries that will be attending
  • contact my existing accounts
  • print off some pricelists
  • meet with Mark to design some promotional material
  • get that printed
  • pack it all and drive to Halifax

(that’s entirely too reasonable, I must be forgetting something)

I’ll be in the studio!

I’ll be sure to tell you how it all goes


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